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We work with softwoods, mainly spruce and douglas fir, and to a lesser extent pine and larch. Our supplies are sourced from the Ardennes mountains, the Eifel region in Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg and northern France.

At our site in Vielsalm, we are equipped with several long-length log cutting lines as well as two short log measurement and sorting lines. These facilities enable us to work with round timber ranging from 3 m to 22 m in length and 8 cm to 55 cm in top-diameter. The flexibility of our log yard and a permanent stock of round timber allow us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.

Our sawmill lines are “Canter” type lines with profiling. Profiling is considered to be the most modern means of production and the most rational in terms of the output of softwoods. This technique ensures perfect adherence with the required dimensions and an excellent surface quality of the finished products.


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