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The Industrie du Bois Vielsalm (IBV) group was established in 1999 in the industrial area of Burtonville between private sector-specialist investors, SRIW and IDELUX.

We are based at 3 separate sites and operate 6 sawmill lines, one of which is of extremely high capacity allowing the transformation of 6,000 m3 of softwood on a daily basis. Our sawmilling speed and the accuracy of our production resources positions us as one of the most important softwood sawmilling groups in Benelux, ranking us among the top 20 sawmills in Europe.

We directly employ over 220 people at our sites and indirectly work with as many other people through our various partnerships and sub-contracting agreements. In financial terms, the three sawmill sites achieve a turnover of approximately 120 million Euros each year.

We export mainly to Germany, France, Ireland, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Africa, which represents 80% of our turnover. Our customer base is mainly made up of structural industrialists and specialised distribution platforms.
We are also active in the energy sector, namely cogeneration (combined heat and power production) as well as the production of pellets.

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